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USA, South Korea, India

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200+ highly experienced professionals

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Serial Entrepreneur CEO

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Average Client Rating is 4.8/5

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Experienced, dedicated & passionate

Our Mission

To become a premier global IT service provider, by leveraging our Internationally acclaimed team. With a single aim of becoming the best, we aspire to bring in result-oriented strategies to carve product design and creation procedures.

Our Vision

Being an innovation-driven company, we strive to invent digital products and solutions that provide unmatched business & customer value and experience. With a well-versed team of technology professionals, we will leverage tailored digital solutions in all parts of the world. Our professionals contribute the best of their skills to work on the ultimate mission of establishing our identity as credible technology leaders.

Corporate Culture

We're a Global Company. That means we have teams working together in many different countries around the world to solve our clients' problems. We believe that in order to do this well, we have to be able to understand the different cultures and perspectives that exist in different parts of the world—which is why we're so proud of our team members from all over the world!

What We Have Achieved So Far?

With a global clientele of more than 300 brands, an average Client rating of 4.8/5, and 91% of client retention rate, we have been accredited with a lot of awards from Southeast Asia, the Middle East, the US & UK.

300 +



Client Rating


Client Retention

Pioneers Of Divii Consulting

Meet the leaders who started this journey 10 years ago

Minkyu Koo

CEO of Divii Consulting

Minkyu Koo is the founder and CEO of Divii Consulting. Prior to initiating the IT consulting business, he founded his first IT venture Subcommune in 2012 after completing his MBA from Fordham University, New York. In 2013 he founded Han River Technology in India, and then in 2018 Divii School in Korea. Having the genes of marketing, project management, internal administration, research and development, Minkyu is responsible for leading Divii’s burgeoning strategy discipline and sharpening the overall strategic vision and approach of the organization.

Avinandan Ray

Co-founder of Divii Consulting

Avinandan Ray is the co-founder and the driving force behind the Divii Consulting. As the Managing Director, Avinandan is an asset to the company as he leads to develop initiatives. For 10 years, he has steered Divii Consulting from modest origins to one of the most vibrant, successful digital solution providers in the world.

Hyunjin Koo

MD of Divii Consulting

Hyunjin Koo is the Managing Director of Divii Consulting International. Hyunjin is specialized in international project management with 20 years of experience in marketing, communications and government relations including a $30 billion dollar city-scale development, Songdo International Business District, in South Korea.

Dipankar Deb

CTO of Divii Consulting

Dipankar Deb is the CTO of Divii Consulting. He makes all executive decisions with regard to the technological interests of the company. He is responsible for outlining the company's technological vision, implementing technology strategies, and ensuring that the technological resources are aligned with the company's business needs.

Sanjay Pandit

ADM of Divii Consulting

Sanjay Pandit is the Application Development Manager of Divii Consulting International. He is responsible for overseeing the creation of new software applications. Sanjay works with the team of developers to determine what features should be included in the application, as well as how those features should function.

Our Product, Divii School

Revolutionized educational app & website with our AI-backed learning management system

Our History

How It all Started:

Our first IT venture Subcommune, Inc. kickstarted by two tech enthusiasts Minkyu Koo & Avinandan Ray with an unparalleled passion & long vision to make a huge impact in the EdTech industry.


Established Indian Subsidiary:

By establishing Han River Technologies, our Indian subsidiary, we became a reliable iPhone and Android app developer for hire India.


Launched Video English Dictionary:

We launched the world’s first video dictionary which gained substantial popularity and reached 200,000 downloads.



Started with 3 employees, the company had successfully reached the mark of 45+ employees and developed 100s of EdTech learning modules.

2015 - 2017

Revolutionized EdTech Industry:

We launched the Divii School website and application with patent registration of an artificial intelligence-based learning system. Coordinated and managed 700 math tutors from Princeton Review, USA.


Expansion of Business:

We started Divii Consulting to provide IT services to startups and global brands with our industry-leading expertise in Android and iPhone app developers in India.

2019 - 2020

Recognized As Industry Leader:

Achieved 100% project delivery rate, currently we are a team of 200+ world-class professionals and have successfully delivered 300+ projects.

2021 - 2022

Strengthening Industry Partnerships:

In 2023, Divii Consulting solidified partnerships with leading tech giants and expanded its reach in the healthcare and financial sectors.


Expansion into AI-Driven Solutions:

Divii Consulting made significant strides in integrating AI technologies into their app and web development services


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