CENTERFIELD is located in the center of Seoul, Korea, and aims towards the best prime office building and the focal point of various experiences and new trends.
CENTERFIELD represents the center of business where the trendy present and innovative future meet. A commercial PropTech company providing amenities that are easily accessible to book online.

About Client

Centerfield is a prime office building where companies can rent offices as tenancy companies which are currently managed by Josun Hotel, one of the finest Korean Hotel brands. Website/app provides easier access for tenant companies for amenity uses such as conference room reservations, fitness reservations (locker, paid service, etc.), visitor reservations, and nursing room reservations. Also, the QR code embedded within the app allows only proper users to enter the speed gate and call the elevator automatically for visiting floors.

Client Requirement

Creating an app and a website that provides easier access for the use of amenity reservations like Conference room, Visitor, Fitness, and Nursing room. The client wanted to dispel the daunting task of physical booking and allowing the user to book conference halls and amenity services with the ease of just a single click. They also provided visitor, nursing, fitness, and locker reservation facilities in accordance with the need.
The purpose of the "Conference Room" is to provide the best possible physical conference experience to the tenant employees. The objective is to lubricate the operations experience of the tenant employees so that they can garner a complete business environment.


Web, Mobile App and Admin features details

Web Panel

Tenant master can upload bulk visitor reservations with the help of excel file also to avail booking services for fitness locker management, conference hall booking, Visitor reservation, Nursing room reservation.

Conference Room

Conference Room Reservation can be accessed or done by - tenant master and conference room manager

Visitor Reservation

  • Visitor can take appointment with tenant master/ employee in the tenant company.
  • An employee books for visitor (app) or visitor can do the reservation himself from the web - Visitor Reservation page (without logging in)
  • The reservation made is approved from the Centerfield app (by tenant master) or from the .admin panel

Mobile App

In centerfield app multiple companies can register as tenant companies to avail certain features like fitness locker management, conference hall booking, Visitor reservation, Nursing room reservation.

Conference Room Reservation

With our user-friendly app UI, users can book online conference rooms from the wide range of rooms available.

QR Code at the Entrance Gate & Fitness Room Usage

Our team has developed this contactless check-in system using QR codes to avoid the long process of filling out forms by automating the check-in system.

Admin Panel

In admin panel we can manage all the reservation of facilities like fitness locker management, conference hall booking, Visitor reservation, Nursing room reservation.

Visitor Reservation

Notice Management

Withdraw user






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