This project is an e-commerce website for whole sale and retail purchase. The website has three types of users: buyer, seller and administrator. The buyer can be the seller as well and vice versa.

The main purpose of this project was to create a website for users to be able to sell as well as purchase products online.

About Client

Youtong, meaning "distribution" in Korean, YoutongDotCom is a distribution platform connecting sellers and buyers in one space.
It provides a multi-industry platform empowering small and medium-sized businesses to grow.

Client Requirement

To create a website for buyer and seller interaction. This is controlled from the admin panel. There are no super admin or sub admin feature.


Web and Admin features details

Web Panel

Distribution dot com is an E-commerce site, only developed in Website. Buyers and sellers can create their account and start buying or selling products. The same user can be the buyer and seller.

Distribution Mall

The latest 20 products that are uploaded to the distribution server appear here. Different categories are displayed which is clickable. On clicking the category the respective category-based product appears.

My Proposal - Write a request

User can write a proposal request here, mainly with logged in user’s admin approved products. Then this proposal request is sent to admin (with email notification).

Proposal management

Here the logged in user’s created proposal is being shown, also user can see the details of the created proposal.

Transaction Management

Logged in front-end user can see the corresponding transaction management. This transaction management has two types: one is buyer and another is seller’s perspective.

Admin Panel

Admin acts as a 3rd party between the buyer and seller and manages the transactions. Initially the buyer makes payment for the products to the admin. Once the products are received, the admin releases the amount to the seller.

Product Management

Admin can view the list of products uploaded by the sellers. Admin can approve, cancel, edit the products. Once approved these products appear on the distribution mall - latest products.

Proposal Management

Admin can view the proposal list. Admin can approve / cancel the proposal.

Payment / Settlement Management

Admin can view the payment (with details of the order) and go for settlement (partial money sharing to the corresponding seller) for the already shipped orders.

Tax invoice management

Admin can view the sales invoice list, and details and can also edit or delete tax invoice data.










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