GS Community is the best app for improving apartment living. It provides a forum for people to share posts with only their neighbors, fostering a strong sense of community. What makes it even more appealing is the Honey reward system, which allows users to earn Honeys for engaging in actions such as liking, commenting, and sharing posts. Additionally, the app provides private 1:1 chat feature, allowing for tailored connections with other residents. Whether you want to arrange activities, find neighborhood services, or communicate in an emergency, GS Community develops neighborly bonds and enriches apartment living. Join today and become a part of a more connected and rewarding community.

About Client

GS E&C is one of the largest groups in Korea and its basic business started from plant, power, environment, civil engineering, architecture, and housing. Not only the housing business area, the start of this project began from a desire from one branch out of GS E&C to form a community within the apartment complex, resulting creation Honeypot application.

Client Requirement

The client's requirement is to create an App for an apartment through which members of that apartment can communicate and share their activities. In the App, one user from a specific apartment can create Activity or general posts with multiple images, and like and comment on any posts. The chat feature is also there. Users can create a 1:1 chatroom with other users, a group chatroom specific for any post, a chat peekroom, etc. Users can use Admin-defined hashtags while creating a post. Tags are defined with a color stamp. Users can earn badges as well depending on several criteria. In the app, there are the Home or landing page, discover page, chat list, and my page sections. The notification feature is also there. There is an admin panel that has several sections - Apartment management, User management, post management, reward management, tag management, notice management, and subscription path management.


Mobile and Admin features details

Mobile App

GS Community is a vibrant apartment-centric app where residents connect, share, and engage within their community. Users can create posts, comment, and like others' updates, earning 'Honey' points for their activity. Stay connected and earn rewards in your apartment's very own social hub with GS Community.

Create Social Posts

Registered user can create social posts within their apartment complex users along with Images (Multiple), Titles, Descriptions, and Vote Features.

Earn & Send Honey’s (Point)

App users can also earn some Honey (Points) by Posting a Post, Comment & Reply on the Post, And Honey’s to their Apartment Complex Users

Purchase from Honey’s

Users can do the shopping using the Earned Honey within the app

Admin Panel

We developed the Admin Panel for this Application, Where they can maintain all the Registered Users List, Reward Management (Honey’s), Notice, Tag List, Push Notification Management, Promotional Post, Hot Post etc. Overall they can manage the App function from the admin panel

Post Management

General Management (Notice Management, Push Notification Management, Tag Management, Subscription Management)

Product Management



Node JS

Vue JS

Google analytics

Base 64

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