"Inside Job" is a comprehensive job platform that caters to both job seekers and recruiters, providing a seamless and efficient experience for all stages of the employment process. With its user-friendly interface and robust features, Inside Job revolutionizes the way individuals search for and fill job positions, streamlining the entire lifecycle from joining a company to resigning.

About Client

The client's specific requirement for the "Inside Job" portal involves creating a user-friendly platform that accommodates employers and job seekers, allowing them to effortlessly post job openings. The primary emphasis is on fostering robust professional networking opportunities and facilitating career advancement. The client envisions a comprehensive online ecosystem where individuals and businesses can converge, connect, and thrive in the realm of employment and talent acquisition.

Client Requirement

Client wanted to develop a mobile application called "Inside Job Platform (App)" catering to the specific needs of job seekers and recruiters, with a primary focus on part-time employment opportunities. The primary demographic of interest consisted of middle-aged individuals actively seeking or providing part-time job opportunities.


Mobile App and Admin features details

Mobile App

“Inside Job” App is a Web Based App, we create a this project in Web and create an App for the web view. This app is an Job Hunting and Recruitment platform where Recruiter & Job Seekers can registered to fullfill their Job Related Concerns.

Talent Search Feature

Recruiter can also Directly Approach right Job Seekers for the Vacancy using the “Talent Search” Feature. They can directly reach out the Job Seekers and offer them a Job. After offer a Position to Job Seeker and if the accept then they can send them the Employment Contract through the App.

Job Seekers Registration

On this app Job Seekers can register to get their dream Job. Job Seekers can apply for multiple jobs and being recruited through the App.

Recruiter Registration

On this app Recruiter can register to fullfill their Job Vacancies. They can Onboard the Job Seekers though the App.

Job Posting

Recruiter can Post for the Job Vacancy through the App & get the Job Seekers Resume who Applied for their Posted Job Vacancy. Recruiter can also have some Paid Features that Recruiter can use to make their Post More Reachable using some Paid Packages “Emergency, Premium, Special, Line”.

Apply for Job

Inside Job App simplifies job seeking. Job seekers can effortlessly apply for positions and transmit their resumes directly to recruiters. Elevate your job search with Inside Job App

Recruitment Process

Recruiter can do all the Process related to Recruiter through the App. They can create Employment Contract, Job Seekers Resignation, Labor Consultation (Employees Queries & Feedback) etc.

On Board Process

Inside Job App redefines the job-seeking experience. Job seekers can seamlessly navigate the onboarding process, including applying for jobs, digitally signing employment contracts, and submitting resignations when necessary. This user-friendly platform empowers individuals to manage their career transitions efficiently and securely. Say goodbye to paperwork hassles and embrace a modern, streamlined approach to job-related tasks with Inside Job App. Join us in shaping the future of employment processes. Download now and take control of your professional journey.

Admin Panel

We develop the Admin Panel for Inside Job App to manage the Recruiters & Job Seekers, Paid Products for Job Post Enhancement, Automatic Job Post from Admin Panel, Resume Recommendation & Position Recommendation

Registered Job Seekers & Recruiter

The Admin Panel streamlines recruiter and job seeker management for efficient control.

Paid Products Management

Admins can easily handle premium recruiter products, enhancing job post visibility and reach through offerings like Emergency, Premium, Special, and Line memberships, empowering recruiters to connect effectively with top talent.

Automatic Job Post Management

Super admins can post jobs on behalf of recruiters upon request through the app, including the option for automatic job posting requests from recruiters.

Resume and Position Suggestion Management

Super Admins can directly send job seeker resumes to recruiters and recommend suitable job positions to job seekers for easy application from the Admin Panel.


React Native

Vue JS

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